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RF PVC Welders

RF welding is a specialist heating method used for welding non-conductive materials, including plastics, flexible PVC, PU and other materials. 

The materials to be welded are placed between a live and a ground electrode, pressure is applied to the electrodes and an RF generator then applies an alternating field at 27.12MHz across the electrodes. This process causes the molecules within the material to oscillate, which generates heat.

The heat generated causes the material to weld and, because the surface of the material is cooled during the hot tooling process that conducts heat into the material, the result is a stronger weld interface, a perfect outer surface and a precision engineered and entirely durable end product. We use this in many forms but typically for sealing glove-port bags containing low level radioactive nuclear waste.

This is a remarkably simple and cost-effective solid-state technology and we’re using it to design and manufacture components and products for the nuclear industry and other sectors that can draw on our specialist solutions.

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